Our Philosophy

The core of everything we do

Our Mission

Broadway Community sets an abundant table, believing that everyone deserves justice, dignity, health, and wholeness. 

We serve nourishing food, a welcoming environment, shelter, clothing, showers, and medical care. 

We serve one another - breaking down barriers of poverty, inequity, and privilege - until all are fed, in body and spirit. 

We serve.

Our Vision

With the word “community” in our name and at the core of our identity, Broadway Community is dedicated to reaching out beyond our walls, so that everyone can be invited to the feast of justice. We are learning that this asks more of us than to simply provide emergency relief services. In order to break down the barriers of poverty, inequity, and privilege, we will be creating new pathways to relationship across the diversity of our neighborhood, so that a new community might be born from the brokenness of our world.

All are welcome, always.

Guests of Broadway Community

We call the people we serve "Guests" for two reasons. The first is that when someone is your guest, you should treat them like royalty. Everything we do here at Broadway Community is aimed at treating everyone who walks through these doors with the highest level of dignity and respect. The second reason we refer to the people we serve as Guests is that the word "Guest" implies that someone is with you temporarily. We strongly believe that the conditions many of our Guests find themselves in today are temporary, and that with the right resources, can -- and will -- improve. In-fact, many of our Guests have gone on to join the Broadway Community team as staff members and volunteers.