WE Serve - You Can, Too

During the pandemic, we need volunteers to help put together and serve takeaway lunches on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10am-2pm. 

If you have food prep skills, you're invited to help Chef John on Sunday and/or Tuesday from 2-5pm.

We will have our Supermarket Pantry on the fourth Saturday of the month. Volunteers are needed from 11am-3pm. 

All other volunteering opportunities have been suspended until further notice. 

Broadway Community depends on the critical contributions of volunteers: regular and infrequent, those from West Harlem and throughout New York, as well as groups from around the country. We value your contributions to our work and hope you will come to know our guests and get involved in the wider struggle to end poverty and homelessness.

Not during a pandemic, we seek volunteers for the following opportunities:

Meal Service

  • Cook in the kitchen! Come on a Sunday or Tuesday from 6-8pm to help Chef Michael prepare meals for Monday or Wednesday lunches.
  • Serve meals! Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10am-3pm, we need your help to serve our guests. Stay for all or part of that time to prep salads, serve guests at their seats, and help clean up.

Community Table (on hold)

  • Join us the second Thursday of each month for a community meal that is open to all and brings together people across lines of diversity over a shared delicious meal. We need volunteers for all kinds of tasks from Noon-10pm.

Clothing Distribution (on hold)

  • Come out to our monthly Clothing Distribution. Volunteers are needed on the third Saturday of each month from 9am-1pm.
  • Volunteers help sort clothes, help guests find and choose clothing, and return clothing items to the closet.

Supermarket Food Pantry

  • Volunteer at our Supermarket Pantry from 11am-4pm on the fourth Saturday of the month
  • Help sort pantry items, set up the supermarket pantry, guide pantry-goers in picking out items, and clean up.