Our Stories

Any community is rich with stories.  Here are a few glimpses into the people and events that make Broadway Community the unique and beautiful community it is.

Yvonne Yvonne’s Story

After a day of hard work in the kitchen, with your head down over a hot stock pot, your neck and arms stiff from chopping one too many onions, most people would be thankful for a good shoulder rub. Not so for Yvonne Shields, the Sous Chef at Broadway Community’s “Four Star Soup Kitchen.” For Yvonne, the strain of the day is best alleviated by giving a massage to another weary worker…or two, or three, or more.  (click to read more of Yvonne’s story.)


Celebrations in the ShelterShelter Birthdays

Everyone deserves to be celebrated — especially our friends who are facing down the challenge of homelessness with such courage.  It’s amazing what a little cake and a few birthday candles can do to celebrate life.  (More on this story to come.)




Thanksgiving TurkeysTurkeys Tremble, People Give Thanks

The Broadway Community Thanksgiving celebration is perhaps the grandest feast in New York City.  (More on this story to come.)