Volunteer Coordinator – Timothy Wotring

Timothy Wotring proudly serves as the Volunteer Coordinator at Broadway Community. Volunteers are vital for such an operation here, and he enjoys working with them.

Timothy earned a Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Sociology at Eastern University and a Master of Divinity at Union Theological Seminary. From his schooling, Timothy has become captivated with the intersectionality of class, race, gender, Timothy Wotringand sexuality, especially in liberation, process, and feminist theologies. As well, Timothy has lived in a Catholic Worker in Rochester, was a faith-based community organizer in Detroit for a summer, and has attended several School of the Americas protests at Fort Benning, GA.

Timothy also immensely enjoys pop culture and is a member of the Mid-Atlantic Popular & American Culture Association. His interests lie in science-fiction, comics, and cyborgs.

“Since I’ve been at Broadway Community,” Timothy says, “it seems to always be in some kind of flux, which gives us room to experiment with new ways to volunteer, or prepare meals, or how to celebrate our volunteers better. It’s through this flexibility that we have birthday parties at the shelter, new volunteering opportunities for food prep on Sunday and Tuesday nights, and a monthly community meal. This ain’t your grandma’s soup kitchen. This is a soup kitchen that serves justice and creativity with every meal.”