Board Chair – Chris Shelton

A native of Fort Worth, Texas, Chris Shelton would never have imagined that he’d come to be a Presbyterian pastor in New York City. Chris, who had grown up Baptist, was paid to sing in a Presbyterian church in Denton, TX, while studying Drama and Music at Texas Woman’s University. After college, Chris made the leap from Texas to New York City — moving just up the block, in fact, to earn his Master of Divinity from Union Theological Seminary.

Chris was ordained into service in 2004, as Co-Pastor of three congregations in Bergen County, NJ. In 2007 he joined the staff of Hudson River Presbytery (a regional community of 88 churches) as Congregational Connections Presbyter – where he worked with social-justice seekers from across the Hudson Valley, engaging in ministry together in local prisons, the storm ravaged Gulf Coast, and in deeply challenging but inspiring communities in Peru, among others. Chris was called as Broadway’s Pastor in 2011, and is thrilled to be a part of the vibrant BPC community.

“There have been so many painful and challenging stories in the news recently,” Chris says. “There is something in all of us that wants to change the world, to make it a better place — and that can seem so overwhelming, so heavy, so hard. But the truth is, change is right here at our fingertips. Lasting change happens community by community, and person by person. The work we are doing at Broadway Community is changing the world — meal by meal, night by night, lesson by lesson, table by table. In the midst of all that is broken in this world, we are helping each other rediscover compassion, dignity, courage, and hope; it is beautiful to see and experience.”